5 steps to a happier you!

Recently I have been making subtle changes to my life, in the hope that these small differences will make me more content and happy. So far I must say they are helping a lot, I am already feeling more confident, perky and like an all round better version of myself. We all get into those ruts sometimes of being too self-critical and negative, don’t we? I guess that is what life does to us all at some point, wears us down and clouds our positive frame of mind. Well I am determined to feel generally more happy on a daily basis and if that sounds good to you too then carry on reading…..

  1. Accept who you are! Stop beating yourself up over your “fat” thighs and stretch marks and learn to love and accept every inch of yourself, stop obsessing over your height, boobs, wrinkles and whatever else you have decided to “hate” about yourself. This really is the first step to becoming a much happier person, I am still in the process of learning to love what I have (it is far from easy), but by making this positive change to how I perceive myself I can already feel a difference. It comes naturally to us to think negative thoughts when we look at ourselves in the mirror, and for some reason it feels uncomfortable to give ourselves a compliment once in a while. Change this negative attitude towards yourself and I guarantee you will be much happier!
  2. Surround yourself with positivity! Do you have a friend who is constantly putting you down in some way, whether it be about your weight, your intelligence or your parenting skills, well get rid of them! I wasted so many years giving my time to people who took great satisfaction in seeing me down and hated to see me happy, and when I finally removed these kind of negative friendships from my life it totally changed me as a person. I  very quickly realised the depressing influence these kind of relationships were having on me as a person, and now I choose to share my time and friendship only with people who bring happiness and positivity to my life.
  3. Create a positive memory every day! This is a great point to keep in mind each day, it really does help you to make the most out of those generally crappy days! We are all faced with those days that are just a bit grim for one reason or another, and on these days I feel determined to create at least one positive memory that I can look back on and think “actually that day wasn’t so bad after all!”. It could be something as simple as going for a relaxing walk with my little family, or even just brewing up some yummy hot chocolate for us all to sip on, while we cosy up for a movie. Sometimes we have to make the effort to create our own happy moments, especially on those days when it feels the world is against us (it isn’t!).
  4. Find your true passion and do it! We all had dreams growing up as children, if yours came true then lucky you but mine sure didn’t! I wanted to be an actress in the West-end, singing and dancing for hundreds of people, then I fell pregnant and those dreams became a distant memory. As adults we sometimes forget to have dreams and aspirations, we fall into the routine of daily life and stop thinking about what we really want and what would make us happy. Now, I understand some dreams simply can’t come true, for financial reasons and such, but if there is something within reach that you just haven’t got around to doing yet, what are you waiting for? I have just recently gone back to college to follow another dream of mine and the happiness I get from knowing that I am trying to be what I have always wanted, is amazing!
  5. Open your eyes! I am guilty of not always really seeing what is in front of me, I fall into a black hole of negativity and suddenly become blind to all the positives in my life. Now when these feelings creep up inside me, I quickly remind myself to open my eyes and take in all the great things I have, the beautiful people in my life and just how lucky I am to be living my life in health. It all sounds a little cheesy doesn’t it? Again, it tends to make us uncomfortable to point out the positive things in our lives, even though we all have many. 

I hope these steps help you to feel differently and can help you to become a happier person, we all deserve to be truly happy  and I really believe that to some degree we can ensure our own happiness, for the best part of the time. I still am working on every one of these steps myself, as I don’t think they are things you can change and develop overnight, but so far I am enjoying getting my happy face back! :)