The Do’s and Don’ts of LegoLand


We have just returned from our exciting adventure to LegoLand Windsor and to say I am excited to tell you guys all about it would be an understatement! Before we booked our little holiday we read review after review, just to make sure this Theme Park would be worth the money {it works out a little expensive especially when travelling from N.I}. The problem was that every review had a totally different opinion, the twitter comments were a 50/50 mix of negative and positive remarks and understandably this almost put us off booking, I am relieved it didn’t!

If you are thinking of heading to LegoLand and like me are debating going based on some negativity surrounding the Theme Park, I urge you to read on! If you have booked your family trip and want to gather up a few top tips to make your day worth every penny, I URGE you to read on!


The Do’s

Do book your tickets in advance, the queues to purchase tickets were crazy long when we arrived! Thankfully as we had pre-booked we got to stroll right in, it definitely paid to be organised!

Do arrive no later than 9.30am, this is one of the most important tips I can give you, as even though the park itself doesn’t open until 10am the car park opens earlier and fills up FAST! We learnt this the hard way, on the second day we ended up arriving at 11am, got stuck in a queue to get into the car park and when we finally got a space it was FAR away from the entrance.

Do book more than one day in the Park, we didn’t get around all the rides on the first day and didn’t get doing any shows, we were definitely grateful for our second day! When we booked online we got the second day free so check that out!

Do bring snacks and drinks! You will save yourself a fortune if are not constantly having to buy over priced drinks and snacks, although there is an option to buy a bottle that can be refilled as many times as you like, so maybe have a look into that?

Do start at the bottom of the Park and work your way up! People have a habit of seeing a queue for a ride then instantly join it, strange but true! Instead we decided to jump on the LegoLand train which took us to the bottom of the park, meaning we were able to hop on and off rides in 10 mins which later had a 1 hour waiting time!

Do buy a photo pass for £25, with this we were able to get three family photos from any of the rides we had been on and Zach got his LegoLand drivers license. Considering the license alone was £10 we thought it best to go ahead and buy the photo pass to save ourselves a little money, it did just that and now we have some awesome {not so flattering} pictures to look back on!


The Don’ts

Don’t allow the weather to ruin your trip, unfortunately the British weather can be a little sucky but power on through it! We had awful rain when we were there and on one of the days we got drenched, so what did we do? We jumped on all of the wet rides while it was raining, if we were going to get soaked anyway we might as well do it in style! :)

Don’t let the queue times put you off any ride, they are very rarely accurate!  Some of the rides we queued up for claimed to have an hour waiting time and we queued for only 15-30 mins, I would assume LegoLand prefer to be a little over cautious so as to minimise complaints!

Don’t be afraid of the Lego shop, everything is actually reasonably priced! You can buy everything from a small key ring or colouring book to the more expensive Lego sets {I was also pleased to see that the Lego wasn’t over priced just because it is from LegoLand}.

Don’t miss out on the LegoLand Hotel, even if you aren’t staying in it! You can gain entry from inside the park and it is just amazing inside, well worth a look! This is were we had our dinner one night and even though it wasn’t cheap the food was delicious {Zach particularly enjoyed the Lego chips!}. Eating here really finished off the entire experience perfectly for us, I mean where else has table cloths made of Lego colouring pages!?

Don’t stay until closing time, you will live to regret it! The queues to get out of the Park are crazy and the queues to buy anything in the shops are madness! Our first day we had the sense to leave an hour early and the difference it made {compared to our second day when we stayed until closing} was unreal!


Don’t believe any negativity you believe surrounding this Theme Park, I can honestly say it was money well spent. Amazing rides, polite and cheery staff and above all else a fantastic day out for all the family!