When Online Dating Leads to Marriage!

Only a few short years ago I was creating my very own dating profile, cringing all the while at the very thought of joining the crazy world that is online dating! I was a single mum at the time and very much ready to meet someone special, but how? I had a beautiful little boy to care for and there just never seemed to be a time or occasion to meet anyone, so I decided to take fate into my own hands….

I had my reservations about online dating, I thought it would be a world full of fake profiles, and the few real profiles would turn out to be weird/scary men, turns out I was only partially right! There were in fact weird men on there, many weird men, some of the requests, photos and even videos I received on almost a daily basis were disturbing! I won’t go into details but let’s just say there weren’t many men sending pictures of their faces! 

I came across so many different types of profiles in those short few months; the men who were very obviously married, the men who were scarily desperate for marriage, the men who were scarily desperate for sex, the men who would email to simply say I was ugly (thanks for that!), the men who were overly arrogant, I could go on and on! So yea, as you can tell online dating can be an overwhelming place at first and it definitely does open your eyes to the types of colourful personalities out there! 

So as you can probably guess I very nearly packed it in, deleted my account and went back to my cosy single mummy life…. very nearly. One night I was having a little scan through some of the profiles and came across one that stood out straight-away, his profile picture made me laugh, he was drinking a coffee and was sitting next to a stuffed penguin…. Yes really! I liked him instantly from that photo, kind eyes and good teeth was my next thought and then, “6 foot 7 inches tall?” I had to message him! 

So I did and do you know what, he was pretty normal and dare I say it even nice! We chatted for weeks and when we finally decided to have our first date I was a bundle of nerves, I even necked a cheeky glass of wine and threw a dollop of rescue remedy on my tongue just to get me through the night. There really wasn’t any need to be nervous though, we clicked straight-away and spent the entire night laughing and having a seriously good time, and when he finished the date by taking me to McDonald’s for a strawberry milkshake I knew he was the one! Haha

Now fast forward 2 and a half years and we are happily married and couldn’t be more in love, it just shows that it really is possible to meet the love of your life online. Yes there are some strange people on dating sites, but there are some seriously wonderful people too, no different from real life really!? With the click of a button you can weed out the bad from the good, inevitably saving yourself from some horrendous dates and hopefully making it quicker and easier to meeting someone who is truly suited to you and is the type of person you really want. I for one think, as long as you are careful and take all the right steps to meet-up with someone online safely, it is a fantastic way to meet your Mr or Mrs right! 

So there we have it, our very own online dating fairytale! It’s definitely not the conventional way of meeting your future husband and some people still find it a little strange, but it worked for us and I am sure has resulted in a happy-ending for many before us and many more to come! :)