Proud To Be #MMWBH Co-Host!


Hey lovelies! I have a very exciting announcement to make, I will keep it short and sweet! As you may have guessed from the {not so mysterious} title, I am now co-hosting the Mad Mid Week Blog Hop, alongside the lovely Debs from Super Busy Mum {AKA my chummy!}.

When she kindly asked me to hop on board {see what I did there?}, I have to admit I was a little hesitant. The #MMWBH linky is fantastic, original and well supported and loved by so many lovely bloggers; I was simply afraid of letting Debs and all of you down. I don’t really know what I am doing to be honest, it is all pretty new to me BUT at the same time seriously exciting! So I figured I would give it a go….

So far I am loving reading all the gorgeous posts that have already been linked up this week {Thanks guys!} and I have got chatting to some more lovely bloggers! So it is safe to say I am loving being co-host, especially as I am getting to help out my amazing friend Debs with a linky she has worked so hard on! I hope I will do her proud!

me and debs

Can I ask anyone who hasn’t already linked up this week to pop on over and leave a link to your beautiful blog, we would love to check it out {old and new posts welcome!The Mad Mid Week Blog Hop is live every Wednesday and is continuing to grow by the week, which is of course fabulous!

We are both so excited to read your posts each week and will be making sure to give as many of you shout-outs/retweets on Twitter as we can! Thank you for having me along on this exciting journey Debs and thanks to all the bloggers who continue to support #MMWBH, you guys are awesome!

Super Busy Mum