A letter to the younger me

If I could write a letter to my younger self it would go a little something like this….

Dear Rebecca,

Stop crying, screaming and stamping your feet for a few seconds to hear what I have to say, you are 5 now and my god you are hard work! Maybe try allowing mum to go for a pee in peace and she wouldn’t look like she is ready to throttle you most days, better yet let her sleep, it has been 5 years so I am thinking she might need it! 

You are 8 now, exceptionally nerdy and a little awkward looking (given that you are taller than everyone in your class, boys included). You want to be a teacher when you are older (you won’t be) so please don’t force your little sister to attend your “school” when she comes home from ACTUAL school, it’s a little weird and most importantly traumatising for her! She will grow to resent all school work in general because every single day you are making her do “homework” set by you, in order to earn a Mars bar! 

Ooooh the glorious teens, you think you know it all and that wearing black lipstick and your brothers Slipknot hoodies is VERY cool **shakes head**. This phase will pass though (the goth part, NOT the thinking you know everything part), you will soon be wearing orange foundation and playboy t-shirts in a last ditched attempt to “fit in”. If only you could see that trying to fit in is the worst thing you could possibly do and that if you actually just remained your quirky, nerdy self your teenage journey would be much more enjoyable. 

Stop fighting with mum, she is not trying to “ruin your life” or “control you”, she is in-fact on your side! One day, not so long away you will need her more than you ever have before, she will be your rock and your BEST friend! HONEST! Your step-dad is also an amazing man, learn to talk to him and confide in him, he will always see the good in you and will support you through the many ups and downs. One day he will become not just a step-dad but a father, you don’t realise now how lucky you are but I assure you one day you will.

At the sweet age of 16 you will find out just how much you need those around you, you will become pregnant! If only you knew just how much your life would change, your head is so far in the clouds that you truly believe it will all be perfect and magical. It won’t. Stay strong throughout the hard times because little do you know that you will make an amazing single mother, even though at times you will feel heartbroken and alone. Focus on your special baby boy and give him all your energy and love, he is the single best thing to ever happen to you and my god how the time will fly! Kiss his cheeks more, squeeze him more, stare at him more, tickle him more, you do all of these things already but just strive to do MORE! In the blink of an eye he will be a little boy, too big to rock to sleep, enjoy the early days while they last.

Most importantly live every minute as it comes and don’t stress about the future because one day you will have everything you every wished for, the husband of your dreams, a beautiful son and all the happiness in the world. You will then look back and realise everything that ever happened, happened for a reason!

All my love,

The older, wiser, YOU!

Another blogger had published this kind of post and I just thought it was a great way for you all to get to know me, my memories and my life.

If you could say anything to your younger-self what would you say?

I hope you enjoyed reading!