Hide Tired Mummy Eyes With ONE product!

Concealer on only one eye, can you tell which??


FINALLY I have found a concealer that actually works! I have tried so many in the past, both high end products and drugstore bargains and they have all failed to do what they say, disappointing! I am so pleased to be able to let you all in on this secret product {I say secret because I am yet to hear anyone else raving about it…YET!!}. 

If like me you suffer from dark circles under your eyes I feel for you, I really do, because it is a huge pain in the A#*! What makes it even more of a pain is being fooled repeatedly by companies who claim their product will hide these circles, only to later find out they do nothing more than make them a little less black/purple and a little more GREY! Then you have the products that claim to “brighten” under the eye, only to leave you with a layer of sticky glittery paste instead! Finally there are the concealers that are like chalk and somehow manage to leave you with visible wrinkles you never even knew existed, you see what I mean? Dark circles and concealers are a huge pain in the A*#!

So anyway now that I have had my little rant and feel slightly better about all that money {I wouldn’t dare attempt to calculate just how much} I have wasted over the years on dodgy make-up, I can finally introduce the product that DOES work! YAY! 

Seventeen stay time concealer! Can be found at Boots- £4.49

Forgive me if you have already been using this product for a while and perhaps I am a little late catching on, I just simply couldn’t NOT do a post about it, it really is fabulous!

It glides onto the skin like silk, no stickiness, no glitter…. Perfection. The best part is that when it sets, it really isn’t going anywhere! Although I do think the 18 hour wear may be a slight exaggeration, I would definitely say 12 hours would be  more than accurate, {pretty impressive for such a low cost product!}. This is exactly what I need as I can never be bothered with re-applying and in the hot months especially I need a product that will stick and not simply melt off my skin.

The coverage is also fantastic, in the photo above I have only used one layer of concealer so I could have probably went heavier for even more coverage if needed. The colour is the perfect match for my skin which is a much welcomed added bonus, other concealers in the past have left a visible ring around my eyes due to the colour difference, now no longer an issue!

If you do decide to give this beauty bargain a go then please do leave a comment below and let me know how you get on with it and if it did in fact help you banish tired mummy eyes! :)


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7 thoughts on “Hide Tired Mummy Eyes With ONE product!

    • I have the brand, price and where it can be found below the picture. The brand is Seventeen and it can be found in boots. Let me know how you get on! :) x

  1. Oh thanks for sharing this!!! I suffer very badly and have been using YSL and at the moment Clinique. I’ll defo be trying this! And so cheap too! Xx

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    • Thank you for this Danielle, could you please contact me via the “contact me” page. I would really appreciate the chance to chat with you. Thank you for taking the time to comment :)

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