First we couldn’t believe the magazines…..

It is common knowledge that the images we see in the magazines are in fact doctored and enhanced versions of the originals. Girls are made to be several sizes smaller than their real selves, men are given the muscles of every man {and woman’s} dreams, basically everything we see has been altered in someway to be what is widely acknowledged as “beautiful”.

For years people have debated whether it is detrimental to the confidence of women and young girls {as previously mentioned I do understand this issue also effects men, but for this specific post I wish to mainly focus on us ladies}. There has also been many an online protest to encourage the use of REAL images, so as to show we all have our flaws and that is in fact what makes us all beautiful in our own way.

I do not want to bore you with the same chit-chat, we are all aware we cannot believe what we see in the magazines, billboards etc. We are also aware that unfortunately this is very unlikely to change, because whether we choose to believe it or not we all like to look at “pretty” pictures and the media know all too well that beauty sells!

No, what I want to discuss is how I have now come to terms with the fact that we cannot believe the images we see ANYWHERE! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and dare I say it even images on Blogs. Which images have been tampered with and which haven’t…. Who knows!?

There are so many apps accessible to us now, most totally free of charge, that can totally transform us in a matter of minutes!

Don’t like your nose? You can change that!

Don’t like your eyes? You can change those!

You think your face is fat? Oh don’t worry you can change that too!

I just find it all a little scary and to be honest a little hypocritical. How can we complain about the media handing us false images when we are now faking it just as much, if not more? I myself am guilty of enjoying the fact I can tan my skin, whiten my teeth and hide my tired mummy eyes with the click of a button, but when I really think about it all I am doing is telling a big fat lie, I’m not sure how I feel about that part!?

All that these apps are doing is pushing us further and further away from accepting and loving our flaws, should we not be showing other women that none of us are “perfect” and that’s OK!? Instead we are removing the lines we have earned through many a laugh, the bags we have received from many a sleepless night with our babies and the stains on our teeth that are simply a side effect of the coffee we need to get through our manic lives. YES my photoshopped photo below is probably more “beautiful” than the untouched photo but is it ME?

I can 100% see the attraction to these apps and why we might want to enhance our beauty, but where do we draw the line between slightly enhancing what we have and totally removing the beautiful imperfections that make us who we are?

My before and after (scary what we can do with the click of a button). 

Bags…. Gone

Eyes…. Bigger



  1. Autism Mom says:

    I used to worry about the minutiae of my looks. I have gotten to an age where, while the lines deepen, the skin sags, and I have this delicate kind of netting forming on the skin on my neck, everyone looks beautiful to me.

    You are an amazing beauty in your before picture, just the way you are.

  2. lifeatthelittlewood says:

    I think you are gorgeous in both pictures poppet! But I totally know what you mean – it’s the impact that these doctored pictures have on those who already feel low or self-conscious. I know I’d much rather see the reality, and look to the beauty on the inside!xx

  3. Amy says:

    I also think your gorgeous in both pictures! But it is so bad how society pressures people into believing they need to be perfect!

    • MrsMumsie says:

      Aw thank you lovely! It is a very sad reality that women in particular are under so much pressure, first by magazines, now by social media. Thanks for commenting chickadee xx

  4. Katie Haydock says:

    I think your before picture is prettier! Much more natural.
    I actually only noticed today how I have aged since I had my daughter in November… I think it’s time for me to invest in some concealer and foundation.
    Great post!

  5. TheLondonMum says:

    It such a silly thing isn’t it. Your before picture is gorgeous. and then you see the retouched picture and you understand why most bloggers do a slight retouch before posting. Everything just looks ‘brighter’ even though there’s nothing wrong at all with the original image.
    It’s women that feel the pressure the most I think particularly Mums as we all look drained and tired and don’t want those pictures to document the first years with out children! But it’s reality…! x

    • MrsMumsie says:

      Totally agree, us mummies definitely feel the pressure more than men! They get a few wrinkles and don’t shave for 2 weeks and they look rugged and sexy, we do the same and we are “letting ourselves go”! Not fair at all! Haha

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